• Alysha Jivani

    Alysha Jivani

    curious ux designer & researcher who loves transforming abstract concepts into tangible user flows and observing how people use and get confused by technology

  • Agung Wiseso

    Agung Wiseso

    Front End Engineer ~ Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.

  • Nattu


    Explorer, photographer by passion from the islands of Maldives. Product Designer @mindvalley . Co-founded @lottiefiles. Formerly @ServisHero, @socarmalaysia

  • SPT Swedish Power Tech AB

    SPT Swedish Power Tech AB

  • Pravin Kokane

    Pravin Kokane

    Assistant Professor at Department of Geography University of Mumbai

  • Jessica Travieso

    Jessica Travieso

    Chief Content Officer at @awwwards - Interactive developer, iOS & Android developer, javascript, 3D animation, VR, Arduino Lover !!

  • Paul Ilnitski

    Paul Ilnitski

  • Rohan Verma

    Rohan Verma

    UX Designer @microsoft. I love to to solve complex problems with design solutions and drink good beer

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