How to be an average employee and not get awarded every single year

Daris Ali Mufti
1 min readJan 25, 2021

Get awarded for productivity of course it’s a good thing. but somehow many company and startup right now brags overwork/overtime as a key for them to give award or bonuses

So… for u who working on that company here’s the list that u can do to be an average employee :)

  • Don’t reply to email fast
  • Hide WhatsApp or Chat app online activity
  • Don’t be the first person when joining a meeting
  • Shut your webcam
  • Stop giving opinion
  • Never have a conversation in the company’s WhatsApp group unless it’s necessary
  • Go home early
  • Don’t be a leader
  • Shutdown laptop early
  • Never ask for more work
  • Talk less & work average
  • Never reply on the weekend
  • make less social interaction with ur boss and co-worker

Sure u can do overtime or overwork as much as u like, but stop bragging about it!

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Daris Ali Mufti

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